Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vrljika field trip, March 09

In a frame of collaboration with prof. dr. Ivan Bogut from Osijek University, Mr. Ante Mikulić, a representative of Angling club Proložac and our old friend Dušan Jesenšek from RD Tolmin, BTRG organized another field trip to Imotsko polje, in the first place to sample minnows. We were again accompanied with a photographer Arne Hodalič and also with his friend Matej Mihailovski; they were mostly interested in taking photos of the Vrljika softmouth trout and Red Lake scenery.

It was also our intention to meet Manu Esteve and John Zablocki there, who were in the mean time trying hard to film spawning behaviour of the softmouth trout in the neighbouring Neretva River. Unfortunately, we somehow didn’t make it and we are now trying to organize this meeting in Slovenia, were Manu is currently making a stay waiting for Hucho spawning.

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