Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The number of visitors on this blog and on the main Balkan Trout site is approaching 10 000. Counting started about a year after the site was launched. While monitoring visitor's IPs has a lot of limitations it is relatively easy to see visitors from Universities. So here is the list so far. Thank you (cite us).

Country and University in alphabetical order:

Aarhus, Antonio de Nebrija, Belgrade, Bern, Bilkent, Cagliari, Charles , Chicago, Cornell, Delaware, delle Marche, Dijon, Edinburgh, Georgetown, Graz, Innsbruck, Kaiserslautern, King Abdulaziz, Lausanne, Laval, Liege, Maribor, Masaryk , Milano, Montana, Montenegro, MontpellierII, Münster, New Mexico, Nijmegen, Niš, Oklahoma State, Oslo, Oxford, Padova, Salford, San Francisco, Sarajevo, Siena, St. Thomas, Stanford, Stirling, Szent Istvan, Teheran, Torino, Toronto, Turku, Udine, Valparaiso, Victoria, Vienna, Washington, Western Australia, Wisconsin-superior, Yale, Zagreb.

Flag icons taken from famfamfam, public domain.

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