Friday, April 9, 2010

Looking for a new PhD student

Aleš is looking for a new PhD student, who will move away from fish and work on genetics of date mussels (Lithophaga lithophaga). More details are available on our site in english and slovenian.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Intermediate report

As mentioned before, BTRG and Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia have started systematic screening of brown trout populations across Slovenia in order to assess the extent of “foreign blood” in native brown trout, to locate genetically pure populations and to promote an action plan for rehabilitation and preservation of native brown trout stocks.

An intermediate report was just published in the Ribič journal (in Slovenian). Essentially, members of local fishing societies and Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia provided fin clip samples for our group, Gašper participated in several sampling expeditions and Klavdija did most of the work in the laboratory. 1070 samples from 44 locations were analysed, 4 putatively genetically pure populations of brown trout were found, 40 populations show various degrees of hybridization with domesticated strain of brown trout (Atlantic lineage).

The search for more genetically pure populations that could be used for restoration of native brown trout in hybridized populations continues.