Monday, July 16, 2018

IMPRESS 2018 Conference

Between 17th and 19th June, I and Nejc attended the final conference of the IMPRESS project. It was held in a small but beautiful town on the Southern coast of Norway, called Arendal. We had two intensive days full of very good presentations, on different topics, like cultivation strategies, conservation, reproduction, gamete quality… with a focus on three diadromous fish species (salmon, eel and sturgeon).

Poster session: Nejc presenting his work. Congrats on the 2nd poster prize Nejc!

>  The closing conference debate.

Besides the formal part of the conference, there were events organised in the evenings where we had the pleasure to get to know other scientists. They were all very friendly and relaxed so we also enjoyed the social aspect of the conference very much.

> On the final evening we went for a boat trip in the Arendal archipelago.

One more thing definitely worth mentioning; we had a pleasure to meet two very committed fishermen, which are eagerly working on the making of a fish ladder for sea trout to trespass an old dam (one of them is doing his master thesis on the topic). With some financing but mostly their effort they made a great job so we’re looking forward to receiving some good news of successful migration of the sea trout.

>  Kjetil and Kurt took us to the construction site.

The conference was very well organised and definitely full of interesting results and useful information so we hope the whole story is not ending there and that there will be a following project IMPRESS 2 too!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

New publication: Interspecific germ cell transplantation: a new light in the conservation of valuable Balkan trout genetic resources?

In May, a new publication on interspecific germ cell transplantation was published. Brown trout and grayling germ cells were successfully transplanted into rainbow trout larvae, which was confirmed by fluorescent labelling and PCR. 

We are now waiting for them to release some eggs. Fingers crossed!