Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beyond trout

As of recently, we are interested in more than salmonids. More about it when we publish something. For now, here are teasers from 2 non salmonid projects.



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guess the trout

How to identify the species? Is it possible to tell by color/shape/general appearence (phenotype) which trout is brown trout (stocked Atlantic lineage, native Adriatic lineage), dentex trout, softmouth trout, marble trout or hybrid?

This question is common in internet forums. In short, the answer in most cases is no. But here is a challenge, try to identify trouts on the picture below. Write your answers in comments, wait for the results of genetic analysis.

All fish were caught in the River Neretva, where we already found several trout species, you can also choose from this list.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Child play

Playing with Legos at work - a dream job. Several educational DNA sets were selected and tests are underway to choose the appropriate one for students.


Human genetics

Sooner or later, one needs to have a good negative or positive control when working with delicate (as the opposite of optimised) protocols. Human DNA seems like a good option and it works great for training purposes. For example, Y chromosome was proven for 2 lab researchers, for a good salmonid karyogram one needs some magic luck. And so when one researcher was isolating DNA from the same two blood samples for the third time, a dozen of his colleagues volunteered. Universality of some mtDNA primers will also be tested.

Control DNA