Monday, October 5, 2015

Time for something new

The transplantation of the germ cells from a donor organism into recipient organism is becoming a promising approach in preservation of endangered species, including fish. It is, for instance, theoretically possible to engineer recipient fish (e.g., easy spawners such as carp) in a way that they produce offspring of donor fish (e.g., demanding spawners such as Adriatic nase) instead of their own.

To study these transplantation methods, BTRG has just started collaboration with Dr. Ákos Horváth in a frame of Hungarian-Slovenian project, financed by OTKA and ARRS.

To find out more about theoretical basis of spermatogonia transplantation in fish, Simona and Aleš have recently attended International Workshop on the Biology of Fish Gametes in Ancona, Italy.

>The event was hosted by the Faculty of Economy "G. Fuà" Ancona in old Villarey barracks, a building in the centre of town, which used to be used as military headquarters.

>We had opportunity to meet and listen to Dr. Goro Yoshizaki, who first started spermatogonial transplantation in fish. Dr. Elsa Cabrita and Dr. Martin Pšenička were the moderators of this session. 

>We got acquainted with Dr. Jelena Lujić and Zoran Marinović (on the right) from the Ákos lab, who are about to come to our lab for the project work. Timea, Ákos and Esther in the front, Simona and Aleš in the rear.

>One of the Ancona’s highlights leading into temptation to hang out with fauns and satyrs.

>Thanks go to the local organizers with Dr.Oliana Carnevali at the head, for well-organized and nice event. Our boss MN would be overjoyed if she saw the gender ratio…

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