Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A new publication: genetic analysis of the Balkan minnow

A new paper has been recently published in MPE, in which we studied phylogeography of minnow (genus Phoxinus) populations in the Balkan Peninsula - not in the Western Europe, but in the Balkan Peninsula, using molecular methods.

Some highlights of the paper:
  • Highly divergent genetic clades of Phoxinus were detected in the western Balkans.
  • The two species view (Danubian P. phoxinus and Adriatic P. lumaireul)proposed by morphologists, was not supported.
  • Revision of Phoxinus classification in the studied area is suggested.
  • The clades extend along the Adriatic area crossing the main watershed boundaries.
  • Specific genetic signatures point to the possibility of underground fish dispersion.

>Minnow from the Skadar drainage (Rijeka Crnojevića, Montenegro)

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