Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Two comprehensive papers on trout in Slovenia have been recently published

In Ribič (2015, 1-2), the gazette of National Union for fishing in Slovenia, Aleš, Klavdija, Nejc and Simona published a review of the work we have done on brown trout so far, with emphasis on more detailed presentation of the results referring to the last applied research project entitled Genetically-based analysis of endangered native brown trout (Salmo trutta) in Slovenia and identification of its genetically pure resources.

On the basis of molecular data that Gašper had produced for his PhD, we wrote an article entitled: Population genetic SNP analysis of marble and brown trout in a hybridization zone of the Adriatic watershed in Slovenia, which has been recently published in Biological Conservation (2015, 184, p. 239-259).

Some highlights:

Most introgression has occurred from brown trout Atlantic lineage
Hybrid swarms were found mostly in main rivers, but as well in some small unmanaged streams
A high proportion of genetically non-introgressed (pure) marble trout was found in the upper Soča river
Non-introgressed marble trout can still be found in the hybridization zone
Discordance between mtDNA and nDNA due to asymmetric introgressive hybridization was observed

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