Friday, December 21, 2012

Geometric morphometry

Saša spent his last days in Slovenia to collect grayling specimens for geometric morphometry. First we went to the fish farm in Tolmin for the Adriatic grayling.

  >   Dušan, Saša and Pele were well-tempered after having a "baklava" cake. 

The next day we made a brief visit in the fish farm Bled to collect also "normal" (Sava) grayling.

>   Toni, the manager of the fish farm Bled, is looking for some females (grayling females), and Saša is encouraging him.

Obvious differences between the two sample sets were evident at the first glance, hopefully the geometric morphometry (and genetics :)) will tell us more about a reason for these differences.

 >   Adriatic grayling

>   Sava grayling

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