Monday, January 7, 2008

Website report for 2007

The traffic on our website is monitored by StatCounter and Google. Both have several limitations, but we can get a decent picture of what our visitors are looking for and where they came from. Most of the last 500 visitors (68.71%) were not from Slovenia, which is one of the reasons why the site currently exists in English version only. Last 500 visitors were from:

31.29% Slovenia
11.06% United States
7.29% Serbia And Montenegro
6.82% Italy
5.18% Austria
4.47% Croatia
4.00% Bosnia And Herzegovina
4.00% Sweden
3.76% Russian Federation
3.53% United Kingdom
2.35% Japan
1.88% Bermuda
1.65% Czech Republic
1.65% France
1.41% Denmark

One of the limitations is the inability of StatCounter to distinguish properly visitors from Serbia and from Montenegro, sometimes placing them in "unknown" or third countries. A lot of visitors came from internet forums, Patagonia websites and from Google search results. Google search queries that returned pages from our site and were clicked in the last 3 months of 2007 were:

26% balkan trout
7% softmouth trout in croatia
6% potočna pastrmka rijeke bune
4% atlantski losos
4% lososu podobna sladkovodna riba
4% sasa maric
4% world distribution of brown trout
3% biolog sasa maric
3% radovanjska reka
2% balkan razpet
2% golema reka pastrmka
2% neretva
2% rečna pastrmka
2% salmo trutta marmoratus
2% soft mouth trout
2% softmouth trout
2% zubatak
2% berrebi patrick
2% egejski recen sliv na makedonija
2% geneticka varijabilnost prirodnih populacija metode procene
2% geologija cetina
2% koje reke pripadaju jadranskom slivu
2% mesinska kriza saliniteta
2% ogrožena soška postrv
2% recni pritoki vo makedonija
2% sadasnji i perspective vidovi koriscenja reke u pirotu
2% salmo marmoratus
2% steven weiss slovenia
2% zubatak iz krke

One of the reasons why our site was named Balkan Trout is that it is easy to remember.

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  1. Huh, še malo, pa bo stran zanimiva za oglaševanje... :) Recimo za ribolovno opremo >:->
    - David